Saturday, January 13, 2007


Soviet Bus Stops

Neat pictures of soviet era bus stops


Thursday, January 11, 2007


Okay, This will be a year

2007 is already bursting out of the gates. This will be an interesting year, maybe very interesting.

What do we know is in the pipe this year? Quite a few things:

1. The Hydrogen Economy - BMW is launching a hydrogen powered car (to special customers but still, a hydrogen powered production car... not nest year, not ten years... this year)

2. Convergence I - Computers and Telephony - Apple's iPhone wipes almost all of the differences between a mobile phone and a computer and solves the interface problem. Watch all the other players follow suit.

3. Convergence II - Computers and TV - This has been coming for a while... the xbox 360 makes in happen. Goodbye cable, you are not needed.

more but I got to go


Bounacy Needs Not Liquid

Here is a video of a foil boat flowing in sulfur hexafouride, a gas five times denser then air.


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